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The round table event organised this week in Hamburg by #CLIA facilitated a great opportunity for cruise lines and industry experts alike to address some of the industry challenges and actions to be initiated though technology. Wrap-up session revealed that great minds think alike, having all participating members sharing similar messages: connectivity, ...

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We can still remember the day when we realized that internet could be about so much more than just a global computer network. The evolution of onboard services is pushing cruise companies to accomplish more, communicate faster and deliver the great experience each of their guests dreams of when stepping off that gangway.

Otalio anticipated ...

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Great to have you back. If you haven't read the first blog of our series please do so by clicking here. In todays blog we will take you through the steps of our development process and the progress in general. In February 2018 the Otalio GmbH has began development on the SPMS system of the future. From day 1 we worked after an agile working method. ...

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Throughout the history of travel technologies dedicated to the cruise segment, developers always tried to provide a better service to both guests and crew. As technologies got perfected and more advanced, it was a matter of time until the Kafka platform was to make an appearance and become an important player when it comes to any system’s design ...


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