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We can still remember the day when we realized that internet could be about so much more than just a global computer network. The evolution of onboard services is pushing cruise companies to accomplish more, communicate faster and deliver the great experience each of their guests dreams of when stepping off that gangway.

Otalio anticipated that at the heart of a great cruise software is its ability to always remain connected to its centralised headquarter database. Come heavy rain, rough seas or hail, the high throughput satellites these days make such connectivity available, linking the ships movements to land-based operation centres and corporate offices miles away. Synchronization between the Ship-cloud and the Shore-cloud is made every possible second, not only at the end of the day, therefore the users won’t even notice a change within the performance of the application.

Companies typically utilize cloud-based computing as a way to increase capacity, enhance functionality or add services on demand, so Otalio went ahead exploring this path, adjoining its contribution to the ‘cloud-age’ of travel technologies. The company products use a private cloud platform, allowing the developers to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers.

From 3rd party integration to mobile devices and web applications, Otalio’s solutions are complex enough to support your fleet operation. A driving factor of using such system architecture was giving cruise lines the single platform to communicate as one voice, both shore-side and onboard – a factor that later proved bold enough to become the company’s mission statement.


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