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If Otalio would’ve been a fashion designer, it would’ve probably been consider an avant-gardist in the branch. As fashion pioneers in design industry would’ve used new fabrics to create the ultimate fashion trend, Otalio exploits the newest technology and the power of microservices,. “It wasn’t me who was ahead of my time, it was my time that was behind me,” said designer André Courrèges and we, at Otalio, couldn’t agree with him more. Otalio leaves behind the stereotypes of standalone travel technologies and revolutionizes the industry through the design of IT’s new coat that fits the ships operation just right. As a cruise company, you may be thinking how yet another cloud-based technology platform would help your fleet and crew members get ahead of yesteryear’s technologies? How would they be able to raise the bar when it comes to enhancing guest services and tracking onboard revenue? Forget the mission critical, real-time connection between onboad ship operations with headquarter activities in real-time with the onboard operations. We are here to tell you exactly how we are going to do this and more!

In the game of travel solutions, Otalio is laying the foundation while simultaneously developing the gold standard for Identity Access Management (IAM). Its Core Configuration will not limited to the shore side users, but rather brings an entire spectrum of setting options, starting from ship lists to cabin set-up; from loyalty programs to compensation templates; even itinerary features are ingrained into the platform’s DNA. The re-visioned IAM will give you the freedom to use this powerful tool in the best interest of your team. Unlike other solutions available in the cruise market, Otalio’s modern design shifts to a platform-independent web technology: a revival comparable to the Renaissance period, marking an aroundface transition between two eras of user experience. Its integrated Point-of-Sales is not only limited to Order Management, but provides benefits to Retail and other service applications, such as Dining Management and Meal Count.

Having the flexibility in data management allows headquarter users, as well as onboard crew users, to report on both current and historical data. The real-time transfer of reservations to the ship leaves no room for missing out on last minute changes made to any guest profile. With this revolutionary new technology, you can be sure that the world-renown Mr. Smith will get his memory foam pillow delivered to his suite, even though he called while on his way to the airport!

Looking back to the centralized administration management features built-in to Otalio’s software, an enhanced security level of data handling, aligned with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) requirements by design. On the subject of compliance, no one feels indifferent, and neither does Otalio.

The team of innovative developers selected facts and logical arguments to build a strong Property Management solution, turning business rules into user-friendly software. Be it a spa treatment, booking an excursion, or using that tasty wine package, your guests will feel the benefits of this next generation technology, turning their cruise experience into a memorable one.

Otalio’s solutions are complex enough to support your fleet operation and flexible enough to be scaled at the dimensions you see fit for your organization. Suddenly, the clouds offer new possibility, and those are the only clouds you’d like seeing active on your weather forecast. No downtime guarantees that your systems will be aligning with your mission statement geared towards your passengers satisfaction: delivering the best hospitality service year-round, wherever your ships may be at sea.


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