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Great to have you back. If you haven't read the first blog of our series please do so by clicking here. In todays blog we will take you through the steps of our development process and the progress in general. In February 2018 the Otalio GmbH has began development on the SPMS system of the future. From day 1 we worked after an agile working method. Do be precise we based our working processes on the SCRUM method. What does that mean?

Basically we have split our entire team into 5 smaller teams. Every team includes one of our Functional Business Architects, a Scrum Master, a Quality Assurance Specialist and our highly talented developers. The SCRUM methods splits the development process into so-called Sprints which includes a Grooming Session, a Sprint Planning Session, a Sprint Retrospective and the Daily Scrum Meetings.

In our daily Scrum meetings the team discusses progress, problems and future steps. By doing so every team member always has overview of the current development status and is able to discuss current problems with the entire team. In an additional meeting the functional business architects sit together discussing the current situation in their teams and business requirements which have to be implemented in every team.

As already mentioned the Scrum Method suggests, that we work based on so called Sprints. At Otalio the duration of a sprint is 2 weeks. In this period of time, pre-selected tasks which are being selected in the Sprint Planning Session are the center of work of every developer. If certain tasks get not completed within one sprint they will be spilled over to the next sprint.

At the end of every sprint the entire Otalio team comes together (most of the time via Skype) and each team presents the work they have completed during the current Sprint. Usually after this "Demo" each Sprints gets closed and a new one begins.

"The Scrum methods offers us the best method to evaluate the progress of every team."

Like this the FA's (Functional Business Architects) and the upper management can evaluate the current progress at any time.

By using the Scrum Method we were able to stay completely on time with the release of our product. By April 2019 we will be able to present first hands-on demos. In addition to that sample videos of core features and the UI can be provided.

For the next weeks until Seatrade Global 2019 in Miami we will post a new preview blog every 2 weeks. In these blogs you will get to learn more about the company, the team and the product. By reading the blogs on a regular basis you will be perfectly prepared for our product preview at Seatrade. If you are interested or you have got any feedback please do not hesitate to reach out.

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