To POS or not to POS

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Have you ever wondered what major restaurants, retail stores and hotels have in common, besides the human resource element? A strong Point of Sales (POS). Be it customized or off-the-shelve, all have a POS solution which supports the day to day operation, allowing staff to provide the right service, at the right time to their customers.

Otalio’s Point of Sale product has effective features which are just right to support your ship operation as well as cooperation with your head office.

It’s hard to pin point what’s the most valuable functionality. Your corporate F&B team might say is its centralized headquarter (HQ) set-up, which is important in the operational aspects of a fleet, having just one database to maintain. Your Purchasing Manager might say is the article set-up automatization, having the freedom to import simple excel lists received from the vendors directly into the system. And for sure your Bar Manager onboard would say the ability to handle Packages and Promotions makes service faster and easier to track from financial perspectives.

Until today, when somebody was looking for a POS application, the assumption was that the software will be used within an F&B outlet. Otalio’s solution handles all revenues at once, managing to integrate the business logic of Retail and F&B together. This way, your Spa and Shore-Ex managers will also benefit from its core functionality.

The system is intuitive enough to check on transaction ID’s as well, giving the opportunity to your waiters to apply one payment to individual checks. Further down the line, this can be use as knowledge base when it comes to your demographic’s analysis, because the last thing you want to avoid is not having enough beer when your ship calls one of the Baltic ports. One a second thought, Otalio might have a solution for that too, allowing your Corporate team to be proactive in managing potential guests concerns and activate the ‘Happy hour’ right from the head office. You see, indirectly, this POS solution is also considering your Guest Service Manager – who wants to handle a complaint related to shortage of beer onboard!

Finally, there is one more thing hotels, restaurants, retail stores and ships have in common – passion for hospitality – be it serving a perfect meal, preparing that tasty cocktail or simply offering more options to that wonderful shirt you saw in that window display - we all cherish the same vision: we’re here to provide an amazing service to our customers and the service tools should align in supporting us reaching our goals!

Come visit us at Seatrade, booth # 521. We’ll tell you more about this product’ functionalities


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