"Otalio's mission is to revolutionise how cruise companies are going to handle their fleet operation in the years ahead, incorporating new cloud technologies and giving both shore-side and onboard teams a single platform to communicate as one voice"

Discover a new generation of cloud based software for cruise ships!

SPMS - Enterprise Wide

  • Shipboard property management system for all aspects of your onboard operation
  • Simplified reservations distribution, offering a seamless integration and transmission of passenger bookings from shore-to-ship
  • Offers a 360* vision related to passengers, crew, visitors and groups
  • Large palette of functionalities including application for Spa, Dining and Events Management, Excursions, Housekeeping and Maintenance, Gangway control, Safety and Security
  • Incorporates Point-of-Sales within its attributes, enabling real-time transfer of package consumption onto passenger accounts without the need of further integration effort.
  • Detailed crew handling including safety courses and certificates, medical exam records, crew effects and activity
  • Headquarter instance offers a powerful, yet flexible tool, allowing teams to update set-up data as well as controlling Financial aspects of onboard operation.

SPMS with an integrated POS

  • Centralized headquarter set-up, handling all revenues at once
  • Integrates the business logic of retail and F&B, supporting a central cashless system
  • Homogeneous application, its unique harmonisation with SPMS and absence of an interface makes handling and reporting on packages a powerful feature
  • Facilitates handling of pre-paid promotional offers, generating more revenue up-front
  • Guest look-up, including details related to name, cabin, discount entitlement, VIP status and credit limits
  • Assimilation within SPMS enables management to reflect on detailed consumer analysis, refining offers made daily in F&B outlets

Cloud Based Services

  • Simplifies onboard operation with a private cloud based SPMS, reducing manpower and dependencies
  • Ashore platform offers a broad network access
  • Rapid elasticity on demand, allowing scaling-up for business marketing campaigns
  • Deploy and scale applications that run on multiple locations

The power of message architecture

  • Works flawlessly between applications
  • Supports all products to consume real-time messages
  • No-downtime rolling deployments within the fleet
  • Event-driven layers securely activating within a multitenant system
  • Great in supporting real-time data, from last minute changes made on a booking to exact count of souls onboard

Microservices based

  • Organized around business capabilities, addressing both shore side and onboard operations
  • Core configuration shared by functional modules within the system
  • Single-function applications could be independently deployed
  • Allows parallel change over, ensuring a smooth transition between legacy systems and new software
  • Simplicity of the architectural structure offers ease of understanding to development teams

Shoreside Management Center

  • A single point database to control all your operations
  • Core Configuration not limited to shore-side users only, allowing an entire spectrum of setting options
  • Supports features to report on both current and historical data
  • Enhanced security level of data handling, aligning with the GDPR requirements by design
  • Users can be assigned multiple roles, enabling various levels of access permissions


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