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Meet Otalio's all-star team, the innovative minds behind our SPMS system! With their unique blend of industry expertise and a touch of humor, they ensure your cruise experiences stay afloat:

Dennis Wallis, Head of Guest Services and Master of Royal Sea Adventures

Dennis has over a decade of experience at Fidelio, ...

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Meet the fantastic trio at the helm of Otalio, the visionary founders who've set sail to revolutionize the cruise industry. With their unmatched expertise and passion, they've charted a course for unparalleled guest experiences:

Tony Heuer, CEO and the Admiral of Cruise Innovation (LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/antonius-heuer-b1b02385 ...

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MSC Cruises has introduced a new shipboard property management system to create a seamless link between its shoreside operations and entire fleet of ships to improve internal efficiencies, tailor guest services and digitalise information for crew. This pioneering system is set to revolutionise shipboard property management systems for the entire ...

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The round table event organised this week in Hamburg by #CLIA facilitated a great opportunity for cruise lines and industry experts alike to address some of the industry challenges and actions to be initiated though technology. Wrap-up session revealed that great minds think alike, having all participating members sharing similar messages: connectivity, ...

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We can still remember the day when we realized that internet could be about so much more than just a global computer network. The evolution of onboard services is pushing cruise companies to accomplish more, communicate faster and deliver the great experience each of their guests dreams of when stepping off that gangway.

Otalio anticipated ...


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