Meet Otalio's All-Star Team

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Meet Otalio's all-star team, the innovative minds behind our SPMS system! With their unique blend of industry expertise and a touch of humor, they ensure your cruise experiences stay afloat:

Dennis Wallis, Head of Guest Services and Master of Royal Sea Adventures

Dennis has over a decade of experience at Fidelio, where he orchestrated the Royal Caribbean fleet installation. Now at Otalio, he captains the Guest Services, Group, and Visitor Handling systems, ensuring every passenger feels like a royal on board.

Andrea Barz, Head of POS and the Queen of Cash Registers

Andrea's remarkable reign in the world of POS implementation extends from Fidelio to Oracle Hospitality. Her highness has elevated Otalio's POS system to a throne amongst competitors, guaranteeing passengers the royal treatment.

Panos Kakouris, Head of Excursion and SPA, and the Guru of Relaxation

Panos, our Zen master of Excursion and SPA development from Fidelio, has crafted user-friendly systems that handle thousands of blissful bookings daily. With him at the helm, passengers can truly unwind on their voyage.

Tobias Koch, Head of Finance and Payment Systems, and the Money Magician

Tobias brings over a decade of experience from Fidelio to Otalio, conjuring financial wizardry that ensures seamless transactions and payment system integration. His alchemy turns cruise revenue into gold for land-based ERP systems.

Cristina Oliveira, Head of Crew, Safety, and Gangway Security, and the Guardian of Ship Harmony

Cristina, a 15-year veteran of Fidelio, has sailed the seas of shipboard operations. At Otalio, she masterfully navigates crew management, safety, and gangway security, while also overseeing Mealcount and Dining Room Management, ensuring an accurate "Inventory of Souls" for every voyage.

Irina Ionita, Projects Coordinator, Point of Contact for 3-party System Integrations, and the Cruise Virtuoso

Irina's diverse experience spans from NCL to Scenic Cruises, and Fidelio. Her symphony of maritime and travel technology knowledge orchestrates extensive client projects and requirements, hitting all the right notes for a global clientele in multicultural environments.

Together, our talented and slightly quirky team of industry experts keeps Otalio's SPMS system sailing smoothly, providing exceptional and entertaining cruise experiences for passengers around the world.


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