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Meet the fantastic trio at the helm of Otalio, the visionary founders who've set sail to revolutionize the cruise industry. With their unmatched expertise and passion, they've charted a course for unparalleled guest experiences:

Tony Heuer, CEO and the Admiral of Cruise Innovation (LinkedIn: )

As the CEO of Otalio, Tony Heuer is the commanding force behind our visionary approach to cruise software solutions. With decades of experience in the industry, Tony has navigated the high seas of business development, marketing, and strategic planning. His fearless leadership, combined with an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, has allowed Otalio to drop anchor as a leading player in the cruise software world. A natural-born leader and captain of the ship, Tony's entrepreneurial spirit keeps the company on a steady course towards success.

David Maier, CTO and the Cruise Tech Trailblazer (LinkedIn:

Our CTO, David Maier, is the technological mastermind behind Otalio's state-of-the-art software systems. With an extensive background in software engineering, development, and management, David has been instrumental in crafting the cutting-edge solutions that have put Otalio on the map. As the architect of our technology stack, David's innovative thinking and technical expertise ensure that Otalio's systems are not only reliable and efficient but also poised to redefine the future of the cruise industry. David's unwavering curiosity and passion for tech keep Otalio sailing ahead of the curve.

Norbert Miglinci, COO and the Cruise Operations Connoisseur (LinkedIn:

Norbert Miglinci, the COO of Otalio, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in cruise operations to the company. With a strong background in logistics, supply chain management, and customer relations, Norbert has the keen ability to streamline processes and optimize performance across the organization. His attention to detail and commitment to operational excellence have been instrumental in creating a seamless experience for both clients and crew. As the man with an eye for efficiency, Norbert's expertise ensures Otalio's operations run like a well-oiled ship.

Together, Tony, David, and Norbert form the dynamic leadership team that has propelled Otalio to new heights, steering the company towards uncharted waters in the cruise industry. Their passion, expertise, and dedication have laid the foundation for Otalio's mission to deliver exceptional and personalized cruise experiences to passengers around the globe.


Otalio GmbH Mattentwiete 6 20457 Hamburg

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