The story begins in the heart of ‘hafen’ city, Hamburg, back in the early days of 2018. Three devoted friends met over coffee in one of the modern buildings draping the Waterloo street. Though in this case, there wasn’t going to be any Battle of Waterloo to be fought, but an encounter of great minds. Tony Heuer, together with David Maier and Norbert Miglinci planted the Otalio seed, putting down the roots for what has become the next generation of software solutions within the cruise industry.

Otalio’s mission is to revolutionise how the cruise companies are going to handle their fleet operation in the following years, incorporating the new cloud technologies and giving both shore-side and onboard teams the single platform to communicate as one voice.

The three visionaries had to look no further when it came to building-up their team. Their excellent reputation in such a refined industry sector gathered the best cruise experts and innovative software developers around them, with a team totaling up around 40 employees residing around the world, making it easy to reach out to our customers globally. At Seatrade, you will be able to meet some of our team members which are listed here.

The company is still in its growth phase. Like a plant in its juvenile stage of development, Otalio’s primary focus throughout 2018 was to develop its Ship Property Management System (SPMS) fully integrated with Point-of-Sales (POS) and other revenue facing applications such as Spa, Excursions, and fine Dining. (for more details about our products, check the next blog). In 2019, Otalio matures further by adding new branches in areas such as Sales, Marketing and Operations.

Today, most PMS systems favour web and cloud technology. With the advancement of the cloud computing platform, Otalio’s opportunities expand functionality towards new service areas like Passenger-facing features on their own mobile devices. The next-generation of web-based solutions also offer scalable opportunities to meet the ever-growing demands of cruise companies to maximize its passenger’s satisfaction, revenue, and real-time access of data across an entire fleet, facilitating planning and decision support.

Be it the encounter of great minds or the coffee they had that morning, we will never know. But for now, stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn!


Otalio GmbH Mattentwiete 6 20457 Hamburg

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